Monday, August 23, 2010


today really make me so exhausted

going up and going down to my lab

so gosh dem tired

feeling so stress coz i need to test for enzyme assay

but i never ever do t PM my SV asking him

whether he no the method or nope

homaigod...he ask me to ask my frens]..wth!!

i ask him cuz he my SV

why didnt he tell me the step??

whats the point to be SV if u urself cannot help ur

student??? stress wif him

lucky for me since there is someone that have done that test

so ask her how and what the steps

and ryte now im waiting for my sample

in incubation for 30minutes olromen also busy today

but he still ym me..hehe

and so funny when he said that

he will remember me once he saw the

"minyak angin cap kapak"

i gave him last week

hahaha..funny okkay mr oltromen

why dun u remember me when u saw heroin korea ka?


dah penat...jum dengar ini lagu..hehe

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